Rust Protection Package From Carsville

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Do you want to keep your vehicle looking good long into the future?  We have a great deal on double protection Rust Proofing!

Our Atlantic Canadian climate is very hard on your vehicle.  We have salt on our roads in the winter, salt in the air all year, and salt water everywhere around us!  We also experience a wide range of temperatures throughout the year which accelerate the process.  This means vehicles on the east coast corrode (rust) at a rate not seen in most other climates.  We have a package that provides double protection.

First we have the vehicle thoroughly undercoated to protect its undercarriage from the elements.  This also provides a good level of sound reduction making for a quieter ride.

Next we have a corrosion control unit professionally installed and tested to ensure proper function.  These units have been proven 99.7% effective at stopping corrosion.  The corrosion control module draws a small amount of DC energy from the vehicle's battery and directs it through a microprocessor, which converts this energy into an AC current.  Through patented state of the art technology built into the corrosion control module, a pulse amplifier (another microprocessor) generates a repetitive "pulse" surface current, which is distributed on to conductive (grounded) body panels of the vehicle (travels on the surface of the metal) to help inhibit the corrosion process.  Your entire car is protected, not just the surface that is sprayed.  It works and results speak for themselves.

We will preform this double rust protection on any vehicle (excluding heavy trucks, equipment)  purchased anywhere for $499.00

If you purchased your vehicle from Carsville it is only $399.00  Even if you purchased it in the past.

Prices do not include sales tax.
Can you imagine letting this car rust, why would you let your own vehicle rust?  Keeping your car rust free will reduce repairs and help it hold value.