Car-proof is a Canadian based used vehicle history reporting service. They are superior to other internet based vehicle history service for the following reasons:
  • They were founded to access and supply important Canadian used vehicle data that is not provided by other popular U.S. based services, including Carfax.
  • They are electronically connected "live" to our data sources. This means that our data is always current and not outdated. Other services purchase data dumps periodically leaving the chance that recent important data is not included in their reports.
  • They are the only service that provides consumers with Canadian lien and/or security interest information on vehicles. We are connected live to each provincial and territorial registrar responsible for maintaining these records. Other U.S. based services, including Carfax, do not report any Canadian vehicle lien information.
  • They are the only service that provides consumers with Canadian insurance and accident claims data. Through their live connection to comprehensive databases that service the Canadian insurance industry, we provide data from 90% of Canada's private insurance industry. They also have a product that instantaneously searches the ICBC database for insurance claims data in British Columbia.
  • They are the only service that is electronically connected to the database for each provincial and territorial Ministry of Transportation in Canada. Through their live connections they provide consumers with access to the same current data used by departments of motor vehicles in Canada and the U.S. Other U.S. based services, including Carfax, are not electronically connected to each Canadian province and territory.
  • In addition to all of the above, their reports also provide consumers with data from one of the largest U.S. based vehicle history services. Through our live connection to Experian Automotive's 2 billion + record database, all of their reports include the data you would get from other popular U.S. based vehicle history services.
If you are researching a used vehicle that is or has been registered in Canada there is simply no substitute for CarProof. Don't buy a used vehicle without demanding to see a CarProof Report.
Carsville was the FIRST dealership in Lower Sackville to offer history reports on their vehicles.  We have always sold quality vehicles with no serious collisions or bad history, so when these reports were first made available, it finally gave us an opportunity to prove through an independent source, that our cars were the best quality available with no hidden defects.   While many dealerships were running scared, and many still are, we are always happy to offer free Carproof vehicle history reports on all our vehicles. 

There have been many cars like this one, fixed and sold to unsuspecting customers.  There are over 160,000 accidents in Canada every year.  There is very high percentage of used cars that have been seriously damaged.  This damage affects a vehicles value, and can lead to costly repairs, excessive maintenance, cracked paint and body work that many not show up for years.  We Carproof our vehicles for free.  Just ask to see the Carproof.